Renewable Energy

Our Trusted Products

At GO Solar, we integrate and distribute both products from our strategic manufacturer partners and products developed through our own technology division. We supply the full range of solar PV components including inverters, modules, structures, and complete balance-of-system, ensuring the best coverage for all our projects.

We use only the most reliable products and internationally renowned brands such as Jinko, SMA, Schneider Electric, Victron and Sungrow.

Hybrid Solar Systems

 Hybrid solar systems combine the best of grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. It is basically grid-tied solar with extra battery storage used to store excess power to offset peak load or night time use. This type of system is not usually intended to take a household ‘off grid,’ although it has the potential to do so. 

Off grid Solar Sytems

An off-grid solar PV system is a ‘stand-alone’ system, independent of any grid power source. Off-grid systems are used when there is either no grid connection available or you simply choose not to be connected to a grid!

Off Grid System

Victrons  all-in-one solar power solution The Victron EasySolar-II GX integrates the following elements: • A MultiPlus-II inverter/charger • A SmartSolar MPPT -Tr solar charge controller • A GX device with a 2 x 16-character display. These elements come prewired together inside a single unit. This greatly simplifies most installations, saving time and money

 BYD technology Relying on advanced iron-phosphate battery technology, BYD can meet exacting requirements for energy storage, peak-load shifting, and peak load/frequency regulation

Typical daily solar power Production and consumpsion time based 

Sungrow Residential Hybrid Inverter and BMS battery technology