Renewable Energy

Retire from Running Generators and Diesel powered Pumps. Put the Sun to Work on yourLand for better Yields and Profits

A comparison between solar and diesel pumping

Typically solar is superior to diesel for stock and domestic applications when all costs are considered Tabel below breaksdown the factors to be considered when comparing solar pumping and diesel pumping systems.

Criteria Solar Pumping System Diesel Pumping System
Capital costs Equipment Costs Equipment includes Solar array , mounting frame , solar controller, 3 Phase pump, wiring, circuit protection and  piping Equipment is limited to a generator (where applicable), 3 Phase pump , switch gear, power cables and piping
Installation Costs Installation includes both pump and piping , solar frame for array, wiring ,distribution board for circuits and protection, site fencing Installation limited to generator (where applicable), pump and piping and switch gear installasion
Operating costs Energy / Diesel Fuel None 
Let the sunshine drive your pump
Energy cost depend on the size of the motor and how many hours a day it needs to pump. (these can represent 90% of lifetime cost of a diesel pump
Ongoing Maintenance Maintenance cost are limited to array cleaning and inspecting the system,  pump and electric motor Scheduled maintenace of generator/diesel motor, including refuelling , engine services, checking pressures, cleaning air filter, and pump and electric motor
Equipment Replacement Solar modules offer a 20-25 year performance guarantee to 80-85% output. Solar pump and controllers offera warranty ranging from 12-24 months with an expected operating life of five year.  Diesel generator would be expected to need replacement every 20,000 hours on average, Between 5,000 - 50,000 hours, depending on the quality of the engine and how well it has been maintained, AC pumps carry a warranty of 12-24 months  
Personnel Costs Limited site visits are required as maintenance is minimal Site visits are required  for refuelling, starting up/shutting down the generator, and for more operational check and maintenance 
Safety Risks Limited to safety risks with the operation of a solar pump  Safety risk associated with fuel storage  and transporting, fire risk to pump and generator

Tomorrow's Technology Today 

We need a resilient energy system that provides energy independence and protection of our natural environmental resources to help protect future generations.

All New Zealanders can participate in the transition to this sustainable energy system that powers a low carbon footprint.

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